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Interceptions the top players for Madden 22

PostWysłany: 2022-04-18, 10:10
przez Skyzhay
With the Super Bowl looms just over Madden 22 coins the horizon. That means that we're wrapping up an NFL season's worth of games from the time Madden 22 launched back in August.

It's not yet clear what types of categories they're using in determining these awards yet, after they announced the Rookie of the Year, and then followed up with a spotlight on those who are Tackles and Interceptions the top players for Madden 22.

EA tracks the players' performance throughout the year for these games, and one of the things they can do is determine what NFL players are performing for players.

So far , we've received just a handful of reveals, and they seem to keep on coming, so we may get a full Madden 22 Awards class by the evening.

All Madden 22 Awards Players Announced (so far)

While there are still more Madden 22 buy Madden NFL 22 coins Awards scheduled to announce, we've discovered four players getting recognized.