There's an array of dunks with NBA 2K22

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There's an array of dunks with NBA 2K22

Postprzez Skyzhay » 2022-04-18, 10:02

There's an array of dunks with NBA 2K22. Enjoy Nba 2k22 Mt the freedom to experiment and have fun while winning games. Take your time and revel in the moment, particularly in the event that you can perform a flashy dunk in-game which gives you a mental boost against your opponent.

To increase your chances of dunking the ball rather than doing a layup make sure you're using the right stick to complete the movements which will prevent the computer from making your player choose to lay it down.

The game NBA 2K22, you'll notice that the computer-controlled elements are leaning towards executing a layup or dunk in response to different factors like the player, opponents, and angle striking the paint. The game requires the offensive player to get the best shot possible in the situation.

To switch off the dunk meter, it is necessary to mt 2k22 stop the game, go to Settings and then go to your controller Settings. In this section, you can remove the dunk meter by changing shots Timing for Shots Only without the dunks and layups. You can store these preferences for later game modes if you want to save them.
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